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Easier Said Than Run - 20th November 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Sitting here after the event today wondering what was the best words I could use to describe the day, I think the perfect word would be ‘mudbath’.

Whilst the majority of you managed to stay vertical, a few of you took quite a bit of mud home with you.

Despite the perfect weather for running, the days running up to today wasn’t quite so perfect making the ground rather ‘traily’ or ‘muddy/boggy’.

However, it brought out the warriors in all of you, taking the course on and giving it what for..

We had some great firsts today which was brilliant to see, from first ever attended running event, first 10k, first half marathons, first marathons and a couple of first ultras marathons, we call them firsts because there’s always a follow up.

We really love the positive feedback we constantly receive from ‘how wonderful our brilliant marshals’ are, how ‘friendly’ all of you are to each other and how ‘handsome’ the race Director is, well maybe not that one so much.

Thank you to everyone who came along today and made the day so special by being a part of #teamzigzag

Easier Said Than Run Results
Download PDF • 162KB

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