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The Fancy Dress Frolic - 26th March 2023

It’s not often you bump into Daniel Craig in a skin tight tuxedo whilst talking to three flamingos and a life guard who go off to run with a unicorn, a cheerleader, a flying Scotsman & even two super girls along with the three little pigs and the big bad Wolf

Not what to expect in the woods, it was probably more likely that you'd bump into a bear or Robin Hood, oh hang on we did.

This race brief does start as if I’m either a Wally, a little bit drunk or under the influence of some strong hallucinogenics.

We had such fun seeing you all today, once again we had quite a few firsts, from first 10ks to first ultras, really impressive

Thank you to our fantastic marshals for your help today, we constantly get told just how fantastic you are.

Below you will find the results from today along with the course records

We do hope you enjoyed yourselves and really look forward to seeing you again soon

Until the next run

Stephen & Zoe

Fancy Dress Frolic 2023 Results
Download PDF • 145KB

Download PDF • 113KB

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