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The 'Other' Run - 2nd October 2022

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Where do we begin about how amazing today was?

The weather was telling us we were expecting a downpour at the start of the week. We certainly weren't expecting to have to get the sun cream out. It started off with a little chill in the air but then turned into an absolute scorcher.

One of the highlights for us is the smiles on your faces when you achieve your goals, apparently there was a large running event somewhere else today near London, but not anywhere near as fun, (or undulating!).

We once again had some amazing firsts, we had some of you finishing your first ever running event, your first ever 10k's, first ever Half Marathons, first Marathons and First Ultra Marathons, along with further ever distances run.

The PB Bell is worn out today from all the ringing and to see the smiles on your faces when you get across that line and ring that bell is just so rewarding.

We had the added benefit of the amazing Masseurs today, who will be at future events, adding yet another dimension to our events. Those of you who took advantage of the 'Post race rub down' gave some really positive feedback.

The Marshals today were amazing too, as always keeping you going in the right direction and keeping you motivated.

We have had quite a few conversations about today and even some emails already, which we would like to thank you for all your kind positive words.

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The Other Run results
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