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The Summer Ready Run - Sunday 9th July 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

"Bring me sunshine

In your smile

Bring me laughter

All the while

In this world where we live

There should be more happiness

So much joy you can give

To each brand new bright tomorrow"

What a great day today everyone, you were all just amazing, we had so many of you completing your first Evers today, from first ever 10k's first ever Half Marathons, First Marathons, First Ultra Marathons, its such a privilege to be a part of your running journey, even better when its such a milestone in your journey too, so thank you for sharing your time with us, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did

Another epic milestone achieved today was by the wonderful Sean Symonds today, completing his 200th marathon in sub 4hrs making it an even more impressive achievement.

The weather was quite humid to say the least, making all of your accomplishments even more impressive,

To put these events on we have a crew alongside us who help us tirelessly, from setting up the course and event camp, chip timing, refilling aid station, coffee & cakes, Medals, registration, marshalling, parking and so much more, we couldn't do it all so well without all of our amazing team, we constantly get told about how amazingly supportive they are and really embody the ethos of Team Zig Zag, a community of runner who encourage each other to achieve amazing things.

Finally our Massage therapists, who constantly get brilliant reviews as they are so knowledgeable, helping with aches and pains and getting you back on track ready to go again.

Our marshals would have taken some pictures of you as well, which will all be being uploaded to our Facebook group, if your not a member already its easy to find, its called Zig Zag Running Group

So to finish off with the lyrics to the song that if your old enough to remember

Make Me happy

Through the years

Never bring me

Any Tears

Let your arms be as warm

As the sun from up above

Bring me fun

Bring Me sunshine

Bring me Love, sweet love

Bring me Fun

Bring Me sunshine


Thanks guys and Gals

Your results are attached and updated course records

Summer Ready Results
Download PDF • 186KB

Download PDF • 112KB

Events diary A4
Download PDF • 255KB

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