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April Fools Frolic - 1st April 2023

That was a tough day at the office, to say the least. We always manage to get epic weather when we visit Horseheath Racecourse, whether its snow or extreme heat or as we found out today a storm overnight making the ground rather soft in places making it just short of being a Duathlon. Despite this we had some amazing results with lots of brilliant firsts too.

What was also great to see was just how many different voices we heard today, with beautiful accents from all over the world including Australia, Latvia, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and even a couple of Cockneys too.

The tough conditions brought out some tough running and it was impressive to see how many of you achieved so much, if you can run in the conditions today, you can pretty much run anywhere.

Thank you to our great marshals out in the drizzly rain, keeping you going and taking photos which will be uploaded to our Facebook group.

Congratulations to everyone today, especially to those who completed their firsts. We had quite a few first 10ks, First Half Marathons and First Marathons and we wish good luck to those who were using this as a training run for London.

Finally I would like to thank you all for coming along. We do hope you enjoyed the day despite the conditions - you were all incredible.

Below you'll find todays results and the updated course records.

Download PDF • 114KB

April Fools Frolic Results
Download PDF • 178KB

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