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F.O.M.O - The Fun Of Meeting Others - 16th October 2022

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

What an incredible day today. The race name definitely lived up to its name. Whilst it was an intimate affair with smaller field, what we lacked in quantity we more than made up for in quality with you amazing people.

Along with that was quite possibly the best weather for running - beautiful sunshine all day with a gentle breeze,

I'm going to start this race Analysis with mentioning the ever so wonderful Naomi whose birthday it was today, who brought along with her today the most amazing array of home made cupcakes and sausage rolls, they were so popular that none were left at the end of the day. Well done for finishing a marathon on your birthday too!

We had Lee Ramsay completing his 25th Zig Zag marathon today as well, topped off by him winning the free race entry from my Ballbag today (if you know, you know)

A couple of special mentions to Ben & Emma today for finishing their first ever marathons today as well, you did brilliantly.

The Masseuses were also very popular and we are pleased to say that Nikki & James will be with us at all of our upcoming events (apart from 5/11/22) .

The feedback from everyone today was a real pleasure to hear as well. We are ever so pleased that you enjoy our events, our mission has always been to be as inclusive as possible, encouraging everyone to achieve their goals and enjoy the day.

Finally, a big shout out to our wonderful marshals, who kept you going in the right direction and fed and watered, taking lots of pictures which will be shared on our Facebook group.

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FOMO Results
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