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MMM - Mid Month Mayhem - 15th January 2023

What a beautiful bunch of people we had with us today. Whilst we had the crisis of a flooded course at 5:30am, we had to change the route, which changed the amount of laps required to achieve your distances, you were all so positive and amazingly gracious.

It all started at 5:30am with a head torch and with me standing in a rather large puddle which used to be a pathway between two lakes. They had decided to become one lake and had a rather nice flowing current running through it.

I thought at that point that as we hadn't suggested to each of you to bring a snorkel it would be prudent to find a new route rather rapidly in the dark.

Thank you to everyone of you for soldiering on and taking on the challenge today, as we promised we didn't take all of the mud away so you could take some home with you.

Congratulations to everyone, and a shout out to Josey Jo for completing her 52nd Half marathon in 52 weeks and to Donna Coombes for completing her 100th lifetime marathon and becoming the newest member of the 100 Marathon club.

And finally a big shout out to all of our brilliant marshals and helpers who took a lot of the stress away from a stressful start to the day. Below you'll find the race results.

MMM - Mid Month Mayhem results
Download PDF • 166KB

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