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Zig Zag Running - SRC Routes

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Denham Flats

6.55mile/10.5K out and back all road

Out through Barrow Village towards Denham where you will get distant views over to Ely Cathedral and run past the deer farm.

Just a left hand turn for a final short stretch to the checkpoint and then return.

Zig Zag Running - Denham Flats
Download PDF • 351KB

Denham Flats
Download GPX • 15KB


Windmill Half Route

13.1mile/21K Loop all road

Takes in sections of the Kirtling route. Go through villages of Higham, Gazeley, Ashley, Dalham and Denham. Look out for the windmill at Dalham and just before the windmill look over to the left for some stunning views of Dalham Hall. Rolling hills with an elevation of approximately 600 ft.

Zig Zag Running - Windmill Half Route
Download PDF • 438KB

Windmill Half
Download GPX • 26KB


Dalham Kiln

13.1mile/21K Loop mainly road with approx. 1.5 miles of trail

This course begins with the Denham Flats, you then continue through to Ousden, past The Fox Pub on your right. You will then find a lovely long stretch of downhill for approx. a mile and a half taking in wide country roads with some light traffic, remember to run on the left. The downhill continues after the checkpoint into the picturesque village of Dalham where you can look out for the Dalham Kiln on the left, as you turn right up a small lane towards woodland. You will go through some farm buildings and out onto another lovely stretch of views!

Zig Zag Running - Dalham Kiln Half Route
Download PDF • 281KB

Dalham Kiln
Download GPX • 27KB


The Clover Full Marathon Route

26.2 Full Marathon Loop

All road - one of the more popular routes over the years taking in some of the UKs oldest roads and some lovely Suffolk villages and countryside

Lucky Clover route marathon
Download PDF • 718KB

Download GPX • 20KB


Clover Half

13.2 Mile/21k Loop All road

One of our popular routes over the years taking in some of the UKs oldest roads and some lovely Suffolk villages and countryside

Zig Zag Running - Clover Half Route
Download PDF • 459KB

Clover Half
Download GPX • 25KB


Goldings Hills

6.55mile/10.5K Out and back all road

Begins through the village towards Denham but then takes a right which brings you to long stretches of winding country lanes with stunning open views across fields changing with the seasons. Our logo is based on a photo taken on this road. This route is all rural, arcing back towards base before you turn around and return the same way.

Zig Zag Running - Goldings Hills Route
Download PDF • 285KB

The Gallops Half
Download GPX • 28KB


The Back Quack

6.55mile/10.55k Loop

A new route reversing the Quacker Route which takes you along roads and trail through the beautiful Suffolk countryside, some elevation and spectacular views.

The Back Quack Route - SRC
Download PDF • 397KB

Download GPX • 9KB


The Kirtling Marathon Route

26.2 Mile Officially Measured Route, taking in some very beautiful Hamlets around the Suffolk Countryside.

Zig Zag Running - Kirtling Marathon - Official Road Route
Download PDF • 310KB

Zig Zag Running - Kirtling Official Road Route
Download GPX • 45KB


The Gallops Full Marathon Route

A 26.2 Mile out and back road and trail route which takes you all the way to Newmarket and beside the amazing Gallops.

Zig Zag Running -The Gallops Full Marathon
Download PDF • 545KB

ZigZagRunning-The Full Gallops
Download GPX • 41KB

The Gallops - Half Marathon Route

a 13.1 Mile out and back trail route

Zig Zag Running - Gallops Half route
Download PDF • 520KB

The Gallops Half
Download GPX • 28KB


Chevington Chase - Half Marathon Loop course

Another new route so look out for the details but this will take in some of our most popular countryside from previous routes.

Zig Zag Running - Chevington Chase half
Download PDF • 286KB

Zig Zag Running - Chevington Chase Half Marathon Loop
Download GPX • 63KB


Wickhambrook Marathon Route

Another favourite, a good mix of trail and road

Zig Zag Running - Wickhambrook Full Marathon Loop
Download PDF • 407KB

Zig Zag Running - Wickhambrook marathon
Download GPX • 146KB


Wickhambrook Half Route

The Half marathon Option for Wickhambrook

Zig Zag Running - Wickhambrook Half Marathon Loop
Download PDF • 342KB

Download GPX • 40KB


Risby Full Marathon

Out and Back Full Marathon Lap

A mix of trail and road, during the winter months we can simplify this route with less trail

Zig Zag Running - Risby full Marathon
Download PDF • 444KB

Risby Out and Back Full Marathon
Download GPX • 110KB


Risby Half Marathon Option

Zig Zag Running - Risby half Marathon - Out and Back
Download PDF • 276KB

Risby Out and Back Half Marathon
Download GPX • 68KB

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