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The Easter Challenge - Friday 15th April 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

What a scorcher, today was so beautiful and sunny, which whilst isn't always the best conditions for running but it made the venue look all the more spectacular,

Today was special for Kate Knight who officially joined the 100 Marathon Club by today running her 100th Marathon with all of you supporting her around the course.

What makes the day special are the people we have taking part, the camaraderie and encouragement shown by all of you towards each other was really heart warming and its what we love to see at out events,

We had quite a few of you who took part in your first Zig Zag Running event today, achieving new goals, travelling from afar as Sheffield and even someone who flew in from Spain to run with us.

We had quite a few of you completing from your first ever official 5k race, you first ever Half, full and even first Ultra Marathons.

Some very impressive results considering just how hot it was.

I'd also like to thank you for the amazing feedback from you all, we had several marshals taking photos of the event and they will be posted on our facebook group. If you aren't already a member please feel free to join. Below you will find the results and the updated course records.

Download PDF • 115KB

Easter Challenge Results
Download PDF • 181KB

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