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The Huntingdon Challenge - 19th March 2023

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It certainly lived up to its name today, it was a challenge from the start with having to adjust the course at the last minute to a much shorter lap. In fact half the original lap, meaning double the amount needed to get to certain targets and what with all of the weaving that went on around puddles and to avoid muddy areas it ended up being longer for some.

Despite the terrain, you were all amazing today, we really enjoyed meeting you all and getting the opportunity to share your day.

We had quite a few first today, from first 10ks, first Half Marathons, First Marathons and First Ultra Marathons.

Thank you to all of our marshals as well who kept you all going in the right direction, took lots of photos which are still being uploaded to our Facebook group, and also got you fed watered and adorned with your Bling.

Below you will find todays results.

Huntingdon Challenge results
Download PDF • 177KB

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