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The Lucky Clover - 18 February 2023

What a windy start to the day? We decided against putting up gazebos as they would probably still be flying around the Suffolk countryside and despite the windy conditions, you were all amazing today, smashing out your distances and achieving some great PB's along with some first 10k's, first Half Marathons, first Marathons today and even a first Ultra.

All across the beautiful Suffolk countryside we saw you running around the Clover Route. We would like to thank our amazing marshals out on the route today too ensuring you were directed and kept safe. We also enjoyed meeting so many new faces today and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Our marshals have taken lots of pictures and they will be uploaded to our Facebook group. Feel free to tag us in your socials too, we are on Instagram as @zigzag_running and Facebook is the Zig Zag Running Group. Below you will find the race results and as this was the first outing on the Clover Route, there are also a number of Course Records.

Lucky Clover Results
Download PDF • 171KB

Download PDF • 125KB

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