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The Pumpkin Plod - 30th October 2022

What a great day we had with you all.

It brings us so much pleasure watching you achieve great results and we had some of you completing your first Half Marathons, First Full Marathons and First Ultras. It was great to hear the PB rung so many times. Well done to you all today. We do hope you enjoyed our event as much as we did.

Alongside so many firsts, we also had a few people reaching landmarks in their marathon journeys, with Jon Watkins completing his 299th marathon in readiness to take on his 300th next week at our Rocket Around the Running Track.

We also celebrated the brilliant Lucy Fern completing her 250th Marathon, after only completing her 249th yesterday. Just amazing!

Our superb Marshals have taken lots of photos of you today as well. Many have already been uploaded to our facebook group. You are welcome to download any of them from there for your own use.

We look forward to seeing you all again at a future event, feel free to have a look at our upcoming dates on our website.

The Pumpkin Plod Results
Download PDF • 161KB

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