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The Summer Ready Run - 26th June 2022

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

What a scorcher? They said it would rain at the start of the week and we ended up with an absolute scorcher but despite the heat today, you were all absolutely amazing, pushing through and achieving some incredible results. Once again, we are ever so proud to be a part of your running journeys, even more so when we get to share some firsts, whether its a first 5k, 10k, half, full or even first Ultra Marathon, we love seeing you get to these milestones and the happiness it brings to your faces when you find the key to beating all the demons to push that extra bit further and achieve what was before an unreachable goal.

We had a lot of firsts today and heard lots of stories of your journeys and witnessed some brilliant goals being smashed.

We also got to sing happy birthday to Henna who completed her first marathon today, running over 26 miles, on her 26th Birthday on the 26th. She was also being supported by her lovely parents who travelled from Finland to see her cross that finish line.

We were also pleased to wish and sing Happy Birthday to our amazing Marshal Alison, who is a consistent help at our events, part of the Bushfield Joggers, she makes up a wonderfully experienced part of the Zig Zag Running Team, making the days we host so much better.

Below are the results from today. Again well done to everyone who came along, we loved meeting you all, we look forward to seeing you again at another event, we always like to say that if you enjoyed yourselves tell your running friends about Zig Zag Running. We also attach the updated course records. Well done to those who took a record.

Summer Ready Run Results
Download PDF • 157KB

Download PDF • 112KB

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