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The Valley of The Owls - 9/6/24

Updated: Jun 10

What an amazing day meeting all of you for our Annual Valley of the Owls Run, meeting so many of you for the first time and also seeing so many regular faces, some we haven't seen for a while, its is so nice to catch up with all of you.

The weather held out for us today as well, only a slight splatter of rain at the very end of the day as we were packing away,

We had such an lovely day with you all, it brings us so much joy to witness so many of you completing your first 5ks, 10ks, first Half Marathons & First marathons and a couple of first Ultras too, so many of you achieving new PB's and so many course records taken today too.

One of the highlights of our events is the social side where we get to chat with you at the end and hear some of the incredible journeys that you are all on.

One of the people I was very lucky to chat with today stood out as a great example to tell you all about, it was a really love gentleman called Gary, now Gary was running his third Marathon in three consecutive days and is continuing to run another 7 in the next week, making it Ten marathons in Ten days, one of these marathons also being in Switzerland, what makes this such an incredible achievement is that Gary has Parkinson's, he is the Chair of the Parkinson's Society and a massive ambassador for them, he chants this catchphrase/motto, Live Life, Love Life, Beat Parkinson's.

Taking on challenges to raise awareness and a cure for Parkinson's, quite a remarkable story and one I wanted to share with you, I asked if it would be ok to share his website with you all so you can see some of the crazy stuff he has done and continues to do,

Today's event Routes: Two Beautiful Routes, The Dalham Kiln 1/2 Marathon Loop and The Goldings Hills 10k out and back route, taking in the wonderful Suffolk countryside.


Marshals and Support:  We are so lucky to have the best marshals in the world. Once again we would like to extend our gratitude to all the brilliant marshals who ensured a smooth and fun experience for everyone. Their commitment to making the events enjoyable for all participants is remarkable. Considering the weather they were truly amazing and we had so many great comments about how they really made the day special.


Pictures and Memories: Remember to check out the amazing pictures captured during today's run! They will be uploaded to our Zig Zag running group on Facebook. Feel free to tag yourself and your friends to share the moments.


What’s new – We have recently launched our own Zig Zag Running App.  This can be found in the app store on your mobile device.  It’s a quick way to view these results, access events and see what we have on offer in our shop in terms of merchandise and virtual entries.


All medals are ordered through to August with some of the next few events either sold out or getting close so don’t leave it too long if you have your eye on a specific piece of bling for your collection.


That said, we attach the race diary for the whole of 2024 and into 2025 so you can start planning your adventures.


What's next? - Cock-a-doodle Dawdle - a day at the farm in Buntingford, from 5k to Ultra distances available, There are a few spaces available if you wish to join us! Next Years Event - if you enjoyed todays event and want to come back next year, it will open in the next few days and will be held on Sunday 8th June, back to Suffolk Running Centre.

We are also hosting the Great Barrow Challenge (10 Events in 10 Days) for the second year.  Another great opportunity to push your boundaries and see what you can achieve.


Attached you'll find the results from today, course records and events diary.  Congratulations to those who got their own PR or PB’s.


Until the next run

Stephen & Zoe

Valley of Owls Results
Download PDF • 157KB

Download PDF • 212KB

Events diary A4
Download PDF • 281KB

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