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Wear Like Wally Wander - 7th August 2022

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It was another scorcher today. The sun was beating down and making it harder for the longer distances, yet you all did so amazing.

It was great to see so many of you dressed as Wallys and it was a great joy to meet you all as well. We have already received so much amazing feedback from you and it’s an absolute pleasure for us when you all enjoy the day so much.

Our amazing marshals will have taken some great pictures of the first wave of runners and the pictures will be shared on our Facebook groups. You are more than welcome to use any of them yourselves. If you took some today, please also take advantage of sharing them in the group as well.

A special mention for a couple of you people today, one is for Paul Sadler, completing his 50th Lifetime Marathon today, well done to you. The other is Lottie Butler-Henderson who completed her 12th Half Marathon in 12 Months today on her birthday – Happy Birthday Lottie!

A well done also to Abigail for completing 10 Laps and smashing the course record by at least half an hour, truly amazing.

Finally an accidental marathon is always a great thing to shout about. When you've signed up for a 10k and then smash out a marathon without any training, that's quite remarkable and we congratulate you Emma Rigby on your amazing achievement.

You were all brilliant today and should pat yourselves on the back for your achievements.

Next week we are back at our exclusive venue at Horseheath Horse Trials to do it all again.

Wear Like Wally Wander Results
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