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Zig Zag Challenge - Saturday 5th March 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Well that was a different day today, the weather decided to turn on us compared to last week, along with a few unexpected changes at the very last minute including a route change literally half an hour before we started today. This was due to a tree falling and some of the proposed Plan B route being practically under water, thus making Plan C come into play meaning changing our usual loop trail course into an out and back - making it our very first out and back course.

An out and back does however allow runners to support and see each other on the route, which today I imagine, was needed.

This also meant we had a rather undulating course which lived up to the name of Challenge.

The results from the runners today are frankly incredible considering the weather we had as well.

It was great to see people achieving so many great firsts, from first ever event today to first half marathons and first Marathons and even First Ultra Marathons.

Please find below the results from today. We have decided to announce a new set of race records for today as it is a different route which we may decide to opt for in winter months or appropriate weather conditions.

Special shout out must also go to one of our Marshals - Josey Jo who completed her 50th half marathon today - brilliant stuff!

Thank you all for the great feedback we have already received, its much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the photos taken by our amazing marshals will be uploaded to our Facebook group. If you want to follow the group you'll be able to download any from there. Once again, thank you ever so much for coming and we hope that you tell your friends and bring them along next time, hopefully with some better weather.

Zig Zag Challenge Results
Download PDF • 158KB

Download PDF • 114KB

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