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The Bauble Bimble - 12/12/2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

It was a wet cold and windy day today, to say the course today was challenging is an understatement, one of the runners stated that it was character building and I had to agree with him, we had some real performances today

We had another day of firsts, with one of the runners announcing that they were attempting their first Half, another lady attempting their first marathon and ended up doing an Ultra. we had another attempting their first ultra and absolutely smashing it

We had another person completing their 300th official marathon for their 100 Club Badge,

we also had a Documentary being filmed of two firefighters training for the Marathon De Sables raising awareness for Men's mental health, we always encourage everybody and want them to get the best out of the day, no matter what distance you want to achieve, with everybody encouraging each other along the route, and most importantly having people smiling at the finish line, feeling accomplished.

Finally I think its very important for us to give a massive shout out to our amazing Marshals and Volunteers, without them it would have been a very different affair, you have made the days go so brilliantly, with lots of comments to me from runners about how you made the event so much fun. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You are all superheroes...

We're back for some more tomorrow, 'Twas the run before Christmas.