The Lucky Horseshoe - (Day 2) 18/10/2020

What an amazing day, whilst its only our second event, we had such an incredible time with some superb results, what we love is that everyone has a story, a path that they are on and we have heard some amazing ones today,

We had another day of firsts, with another runner completing their first ever Marathon with us and two people completing their first ever double Marathon, with the added bonus of the first Ultra.

We had someone wearing their 100 Marathon Club T-shirt for the first time, we had a couple of people travelling far and wide to get to the event, a fantastic gentleman of 76 years young who travelled down from Derby to complete his 195th Marathon and another coming all the way from the Isle of Wight.

Many runners were telling us that they achieved PB;'s today, We are so proud to be able to host running events like this where its inclusive of all runners, no matter what distance you want to achieve, with everybody encouraging each other along the route, and most importantly having people smiling at the finish line, feeling accomplished.

Finally I think its very important for us to give a massive shout out to our amazing Marshals and Volunteers, without them it would have been a very different affair, you have made the days go so brilliantly, with lots of comments to me from runners about how you made the event so much fun. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You are all superheroes...

Onwards and upwards now to the The Wrangler on the 7th November,

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