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Rocking around The Christmas Track with the Band of Runners Podcast - 12th December 2021

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What a fantastic day we had with all of you, may we start by thanking everyone who came along and joined us at the track for what became an event to remember. We were blessed with a couple of Race Directors from our friends at Phoenix Running and Running Miles. We had some heavyweight Ultra runners in training taking on the 6 hour challenge, which put a massive strain on the course records. Would it get beaten? With the records standing at 140 laps, it looked unlikely to stand - well it got taken, and taken to another level altogether.

We also had quite a few people taking on their first ever track marathon or Half Marathon, with a Half Marathon distance being 52.75 times around the running track, meaning a Marathon would be 105.5 and an Ultra Distance measured at 50k would be 125 Laps.

We also had the 6 hour challenge which didn't have a limit. You could decide how far you wanted to go on the day and well, this is where it got even more interesting.

As for the results, we have four categories based on what was entered at the start of the race.

The Half, The Full, The Ultra Marathon Distances which will be listed in order of times, then the 6 Hour Challenge which will be listed in order of most laps achieved first.

Thank you to all who also stayed on into the evening with us for the After Party, where we had a raffle, some music, lots of food, and even some Magic.

From looking at the photographs it is hard to believe that it's mid-December.

If there are any pictures that you would like the original of, please let us know and we will email them to you.

Band of Runners - Rocking Around the Christmas Track Results
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