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The Remembrance Run Results - Sunday 14th November 2021

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What an amazing day, If I can start this pre amble with a massive thank you for all who came along yesterday and shared their day with us, it was amazing to see so many new faces at our events and also some of the regular ones too.

Our marshals were once again instrumental in making the day the best it could be, cheering all of the runners on and taking loads of photos which have all been shared on our facebook group if you want to see some of them, lots of en route snaps of you looking happy and smiley whilst running.

The Remembrance part of the race was rather emotional and poignant when the whistles were blown around the park at 11am and everyone stopped in silence for two minutes, it was a reflection of the running community at its best. I'm still running that two minutes around in my head, we all have stories of what it means to us individually and it brought me back to chats with my dear old grandad and his stories,

One of our marshals was an Army Veteran and she would usually be at a remembrance ceremony but gave her time to reflect to be with us and I cannot thank her enough, it was Sarah who also organised the Poppy Appeal box for us too,

The day will also be remembered by many for their own achievements, we had several people who ran their first ever 10k, half Marathons, Marathons and even their first Ultras Marathons, alongside Mark Kennedy who ran his 99th (flake) Half marathon, we had Lee Ramsay who ran his 46th Marathon in the 46th week of his 50th year, he is running in memory of his sister Nicola who passed away 15 years ago and raising money for Addiction Aid, we also had the wonderful Kate Knight, who has undergone C5Spinal surgery and knee reconstruction and ran her 91st Marathon after running her 90th the day before, she is aiming to get to 200 Marathons by her 70th Birthday. a very inspirational lady, alongside this we have lots of new course records which are in the details below.

This is what makes our job so much fun, meeting all of you wonderful people who have a journey and a story to tell. so that is why I thank you, thank you for sharing and we look forward to seeing you all again, please don't forget to tell your friends about us..

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Remembrance Run Results
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