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The Lucky Horseshoe - 14th August 2021

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What can we say? Fantastic day out in the sunshine for our second outing of the Lucky Horseshoe. It was great to meet new runners and also see some familiar faces.

The results and updated course records are attached and will shortly be available on our website.

Well done to the five, yes five people who broke some of the course records today - absolutely superb!

Well done to Russell Clarke for winning the Race Place Lottery.

Well done to those that completed their 1st marathon, 1st ultra - great that we could be part of that journey for you.

Shout out to Jon Watkins for completing his 200th with us! (and doing an Ultra!)

Finally, Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Kendall!

Everyone did fantastic considering it was a warm one.

As always, we welcome all feedback (good and bad). We want this experience to be as good as it can be so we want to know your thoughts.

Until we see you again, our very best wishes