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The Running Show 20th - 21st January 24

Are you going to be at the running show this year ??

We try to visit each year, to catch up on latest tech, new businesses in the industry, looking to improve our ability to provide the best there is o offer in the way of Venue's medals, attire etc oh and then there is the Flapjack stand, OMG

We also get to bump into so many of you, also enjoying the weekend, we are heading down to the NEC Birmingham next Friday evening, staying local and taking the opportunity to meet up with some friends,

The Saturday will be the start of the Running Show, lots of speakers of all types, our good friend Mike Bullock of Spider Runners will be on the stage at some point too.

Were looking forward to bumping into as many of you as we can so if you are there and see us, come on up and say hi, Ill probably be floating somewhere around the flapjackery stall....

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Hoping to go on the Sunday. Maybe see you there!

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